Master Closet Reveal (Beadboard, Sloped Ceilings, Kilims, and More)

The master bedroom closet is done!  And here it is, in all of its beadboard-ed, sloped ceiling-ed, expanded, Ikea-hacked, white painted, black window-ed, and Kilim rug-ed glory:

master closet white beadboard kilim rug

  master bedroom after 3

kilim rug white beadboard modern chair

white beadboard closet kilim rug

After creating our new organization and storage system with the help of a couple of bookcases from Ikea, I went to town with my paint roller.  I didn’t stop with the walls or ceiling, but went for the white painted wood floor as well.  And as I shared on Instagram, I also added glossy black paint to our window for some contrast and drama.


painted white wood floors

Then I moved in.  Woot!  No more getting my clothes out of my kids’ closets!  I moved in before M so got first pick on all the shelves – of course I went for the window side.  I ended up using all the storage in the sloped area of our closet for things like hats, scarves, purses, and off-season shoes.  And in front of that, I hung up clothes on our new clothes rod.  I can see over the top of the rod right into the back of the closet, so nothing is really too hidden.

master closet reveal

sloped ceiling storage

off-season storage sloped ceiling closet

hidden off-season storage closet

For the storage in the middle of the room, I added drawers and some shelves for shoes and more clothes.

all white master closet

white beadboard closet kilim rug

Amazingly, there is storage to spare -  I credit my ruthless closet purging when we decided to start this closet project.  I’m pretty sure a year from now I may have regressed.  But onto happier things!  Like this rug:

kilim rug master closet

kilim rug white painted wood floors

After a similar rug “got away” from me on ebay, I kept looking and finally found this one.  So I bought it and then let it sit unused for months.  Well it turns out it is the perfect bright spot for our master closet (especially in the sea of all our boring black/gray/navy lawyer-suits).  I also squeezed in a chair – technically for sitting and putting on shoes but I’m sure the reality will be for piling up clothes I am too lazy to hang.

master bedroom after 3

Now that I’m done with this project, we are really happy with the outcome.  Especially when we look back on where we started:

master closet before 1

master bedroom closet demo

master bedroom closet before 2

And we’re really glad to check one more room off the list!  I’m loving this.

hidden closet storage sloped ceiling ikea hack

master closet white beadboard kilim rug

And if you want to catch up on the progress on this closet, you can see more about the demo here, the beadboard installation here, the built-in storage here, and how to paint the floors white here.

Okay, I guess it’s time to get back to our kitchen now…

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  1. 1

    this is really a nice reveal, hope you use it on the good days ;)

  2. 3

    looks fantastic! makes me want to go to IKEA and get some shelves to add to my closet. thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. 5

    LOVE what you were able to do! That black window, ah! adore.

  4. 7

    Lovin’ it! Had a random “duh” moment washing the dishes the other day on where that closet rod would go. I only think of the important stuff while doing dishes… ;)

    In other news, like the format change. And I know this is your hobby, but think you could go all the way. You’ve got creative and fresh ideas, which is a big deal!!

    • 8

      Thanks Lisa! Glad I’m not the only one whose brain clicks when I’m doing random other stuff. :)

      And thanks so much for your nice comment about the blog and the redesign – you are giving me a big head, but I like it!

  5. 9

    The closet looks great! And I love your new look. Happy blogiversary!

  6. 11

    The rug in your wonderful new closet is just killing me with how perfect it is. What a great find! Congrats on getting this done! I’m picturing some hooks on the wall opposite the rods for your pretty scarves and stuff.


    • 12

      I love the rug, too! And I agree on the hooks – I figured I’d live with the space a little before deciding where to add those, but I think hooks for scarves could help brighten it up even more.

  7. 13

    I love it all! The shiny beadboard, the sexy built-ins, that killer kilim rug, and oh how I adore that you painted the trim black. It pops and adds so much character!

  8. 15

    Pure awesome!! The black window, the way you customized the closet, the clean Scandinavian look….that chair (even if you only use it as a glorified hamper ;-)….and that rug! Killin’ it with kilim. As someone who just wrapped up many hours in a cozy space with white paint, I applaud you!!! Love all of this.

    PS. Digging the new blog look too!

  9. 17

    I’ve been dying to see the final review – fabulous! And now you have me thinking about a redo on a small closet with the rod about ready to fall down. Great ideas, so creative.

  10. 19

    I have such a simimlar closet and I never would have come up with this design on my own! I’m so excited to try and minic this :) This may be a dumb question–but how did you install the rods?? I worry about strength because of the massive weight of my clothing haha. I see a ruthless closet puging in the cards for me as well.

    • 20

      Hi Taylor – thanks for checking out my closet! I installed the rods just using little wooden closet rod holders (from Lowe’s). They each have one screw but I also glued them and used a nail gun to really make sure they held into the wall. These are wooden rods, which could bend if I put a ton of stuff on there, but they also make metal rods or even metal rods covered with a white plastic or something (saw them at Home Depot) which are designed for closets and to hold up tons of clothes – so you don’t even have to purge! Good luck…

  11. 21

    Looks great, B! I love this website. And you :)


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