Guest Bathroom Before and After

Check it:  here’s our guest bathroom before and after, with walls of gray penny tile, a walnut floating shelf vanity with a vessel sink, painted white wood floors, and lots more.

gray penny tile vessel sink walnut Kraus gray and white bathroom tile wood modern bathroom vessel sink gray white bathroom

Yep, we snuck and did it all and didn’t blog about any of it until now.  Which means we’ve got some catching up to do.  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?  This is how the bathroom looked when we moved in a few years ago:

guest bathroom before 2 guest bathroom before 3 guest bathroom before

Pink carpet.  I just need to say that again: pink carpet.  And in the bathroom.  Not just pink carpet in the bathroom, but crocheted kitty curtains, a plastic accordian shower door, layers of brown linoleum under the pink carpet, a dropped ceiling a la the 60s or some other bygone decade, faux pink tile on the walls (seriously, this was a plastic/rubbery material painted pink), a very short vanity, and so much more ugly that neither words nor pictures can describe it.  Oh, and not just ugly, but stinky like an enormous hairy dog that hadn’t bathed or been groomed in a month who then rolled in a dirt puddle and started laying out in the hot sun, so that the humid stink just oozed everywhere.  I blame the carpet.  You’d think with all that we would have remodeled this room sooner.  We are not always logical like that.  But when we finally bit the bullet and started on this room, here are how things progressed.

guest bathroom remodel 5

guest bathroom remodel 1 guest bathroom remodel 4 guest bathroom remodel 2 guest bathroom remodel 3

Can I just say that those walls of penny tile totally kicked my butt?  So worth it.  Literally every person that comes over rubs all up on those walls (fine, I do too).

gray penny tile bathroom gray penny tile white wood painted floor gray penny tile walls light grout

A few particular favorites of ours are the walls-o-tile (duh), the painted white wood floor, the walnut floating shelf vanity with vessel sink and sexy Kraus faucet, and the shelf-to-ceiling mirror.  And it feels even better knowing that just about everything in this room was a DIY job including redoing the floors, tiling, building the mini-wall, building and installing the walnut vanity shelf, and lots more.

gray white bathroom vessel sink penny wall tile painted wood floors white gray penny tile bathroom walls Kraus vessel sink faucet floating shelf vanity floating shelf vessel sink vanity penny wall tile

We’ve still got a few more things to finish like installing our L-shaped shower curtain rod (which is sitting in a box in the basement), installing a couple of towel hooks, and other random stuff, but so far we are loving this sleek new bathroom.  And we love that it smells fresh and shiny clean, somewhere between paint and soap – yum.

Kraus vessel sink faucet floating shelf vanity gray penny tile gray white bathroom marble paper art

gray penny tile vessel sink walnut Kraus

I’ll be back with some additional details about how to build the vanity shelf, tile the walls, paint the floors, etc. (update:  click through for more on the painted hardwood floors, DIY floating vanity, tile inset mirror; tiling tips; framed marbled paper; and finally installing the shower curtain), so add House Updated to your feed or subscribe to posts via email (buttons on the right) so you don’t miss it – it’s free!  And spam-free, too.  Oh, and you can follow along with real-time fun on Instagram, Pinterest, and all that good stuff, too (again, buttons on the right).

Anyone else tackle walls of tiny mosaic tile?  Or create your own floating shelf?  Or perhaps convince your spouse that painted floors will be awesome?  Here’s to hoping I’m not all alone in any of those things…


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  1. 1

    That’s a lot of penny tile! How long did you see it when you closed your eyes after you were done? *smiles* It looks great!

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den

  2. 3

    Holy $^*@ !! How did you manage to keep this a secret and not instagram it?! You’re so much stronger than I am lol. It looks amazing- I can’t believe how fantastic it looks! Love the floating wood sink top and tile! Great job!

  3. 5

    WHOA! If you hadn’t showed the before pics, I never would have believed that was the same room. (But that’s what you were going for, right?) 😉 That tile is amazing. And crocheted kitty curtains plus carpet in the bathroom…I hope you had a bonfire. That’s gross. Great work!

  4. 7
    Colleen says:

    Just came over from “Better After.” I adore what you’ve done here, especially the penny tile. We had a horrible horrible bathroom and put sea green penny tile on the floor and subway tile everywhere else and I love it so much. It’s amazingly how beautiful it is…I love the gray of yours against the dark floating vanity. It’s a simply gorgeous bathroom.

  5. 9
    MARY EGUIA says:

    Hands down one of my favorite bathrooms!!!!!!

  6. 11

    I also came here from Better After just to make sure you aren’t some kind of wizard.


  7. 13

    I’m here from Better After and am fighting the big green bathroom monster. How did you come up with this from that pink grotesqueness?? It’s a miracle! Also would love to know how the under-sink plumbing was done. Ours is exposed also only ours looks like crap. Nice job!

  8. 16

    Your ‘before’ looks amazingly like my great aunt’s bathroom! OMG! It could be a perfect twin. Well that’s not entirely true. Yours has 80’s light fixtures. Her bathroom is TOTALLY back in the 50’s. While some may like the vintage look, I’d love to get my hands on it and redo it! I LOVE love love your redo! (Visiting from Better After.)

  9. 18

    Oh wow, Brit! So many gorgeous choices! The floating vanity/sink shelf is my favorite but that tile is gorgeous too! I’m including a link back in tomorrow’s DIY highlights. 😉 Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  10. 20

    What a classy transformation! =D Love that touch of walnut in the room; it really adds warmth!

  11. 22

    holy transformation batman!!! that penny tile is devine but that floating shelf and sink combo has to be my favorite part!! thank you so much for sharing at the before and after party!

  12. 24

    Fabulous before and after! posting to FB now and featuring you on the blog tomorrow. Thanks so much for linking up to support Habitat 4 Humanity!

  13. 26

    HI! What a beautiful new bathroom!!!
    Where did you buy your penny tile? I just love the different grey colors they have in them!
    I’d love to do a decorative wall in penny tile!

    • 27

      Hi Megan – thanks for checking out our bathroom! We got our penny tile from The Tile Shop. The color on their website is called moss, but really is this gray color with hints of blue. Check it out here. Good luck with your penny tile wall!

      • 28

        I would have never guessed it was the moss! And just white grout?

        • 29

          We tested white, gray, and a couple of colors in between and ended up using the in between colored grout, which was called “bone” (or something like that). The strictly white and gray grouts made the tile look more blue, but the off-white-ish grout made the tile look gray and lovely!

  14. 30

    This is one of the nicest bathrooms I have ever seen. Your colour scheme (the perfect grey) is amazing – and the white floors and grey rug are STUNNING! And then you did those tiles yourself. I certainly hope you carry a photo around in your wallet to show off your “baby”!!! :-)

  15. 32

    Hi Brit, love what you did here – very elegant, we are planning a floating sink now too. What’s the brand and model of your sink if you don’t mind? Thanks!

    • 33

      HI Patrick, thanks so much! The sink is Kraus and we bought it with the faucet and pop-up drain here. You can also buy it with different facuets, or just the sink, but am linking to what we got exactly so I don’t lead you astray. Good luck with yours!

  16. 34

    I love everything about this bathroom! Stunning transformation. Great job on the floating vanity, it looks so professional.

  17. 36

    I just bought my first fixer upper and the bathrooms look a lot like this. It’s a 1950s home and I’d like to bring it back. Do you think that tile would work? I really like it.


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