Kitchen Reveal

Today seemed like a good day to reveal our kitchen remodel, so here it is.  Get ready for a seemingly never-ending post filled with photos of marble, natural wood, white cabinets, brass, and a few green things for good measure.

modern white pendants kitchen

white kitchen wood cutting boards

sink dishwasher remodel

white kitchen chalkboard fridge

viking 8 burner range

pulled back kitchen dining room

Exciting, right?!  And I’m glad my Instagram public proclamation made me finally pull these pics together.

This whole process started well over a year ago after moving into a house with bleached wood cabinets, tan glass tile, a tiny sink, and probably the world’s first-ever laminate flooring.

bleached wood cabinets

Over the years we painted and did a little backsplash cover-up while planned for the big redo.

kitchen painted cabinets

It was fine to live with but we really hated this big wall that blocked off the kitchen from the rest of the open floor plan (well except for the view through that amazing peekaboo window, of course).

old kitchen walls

So we tore out and moved walls, built new walls, laid new hardwood floors, installed appliances, assembled and installed cabinets, planked and painted the ceiling, had marble counters installed, created floating shelves, installed a marble backsplash, and built custom cabinets.  And lots more.  We took many breaks to do other rooms like our boy’s room, our master closet, and our dining room.  But we finally finished up the kitchen just in time to enjoy the summer.  Notably, that was my goal for last year too – so we’re only a year late, ha!  At least we can capture this summer of fun.

white wood kitchen

white planked ceiling

floating shelf kitchen white dishes

One thing I did after taking these pics is to add a trim piece to the bottom of the upper cabinets.  Game changer, I tell you.  Just that touch really made it feel much more finished (compare above and below pic for the difference).

finished under cabinet trim

Let me tell you, we use every inch of this kitchen on a daily basis.  I mostly blame young kids that never stop wanting to eat.  But I also actually enjoy cooking and baking – mostly because I like to eat, too.

floating shelf cutting boards

kitchen sink dishwasher

We tried to make the space look good but really focused on maximizing the function.  So I’ll share some of our best hidden storage tips soon.  But my favorite for sure is the custom microwave cabinet I built with retractable doors.

microwave hidden cabinet

hidden microwave cabinet

When looking back, it is hard to believe that last year we had a huge wall blocking what is now the island and the biggest gathering spot in our home.

modern white pendants kitchen

galvanized metal kitchen stools tolix

Taking a few feet from the guest room and incorporating that space into the kitchen just made the kitchen so much bigger.  Totally worth it (sorry guests!).

subzero chalkboard fridge

Overall we’ve been really happy with our marble counters (no stains!) and our RTA cabinets.  I get lots of questions about both and we love them!

viking range bluestar vent  hood

viking stove white marble backsplash

But nothing tops the brass hardware.  I was on the fence for so long and am really glad I took a chance on these – I’m a brass convert!

schoolhouse electric brass hardware

So that’s it.  For everyone following along since the beginning (yikes, that was forever ago) thanks for sticking around to see the end result.  For those of you newer folks, I’ll do a follow-up post with a list of all the prior posts that were part of the kitchen remodel soon.  And I still need to share a few more things like how we did our floating shelves and built the custom cabinet.  But then we’re onto a verrryyy long list of other projects around here.  Next up is finishing our window seat built-ins

Questions?  Things I forgot to explain?  Let me know in the comments and I’d be glad to answer!  I need to put together a source list for you too.

Thanks so much for checking in, friends!

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Gallery Wall Tips at Remodelaholic

Hi guys!  Today I’m excited to be sharing some tips for creating a modern, balanced gallery wall over at Remodelaholic for their Deck the Walls week!

Deck the Walls, wall decor ideas at Remodelaholic

It has long been one of my favorite blogs (duh, cause I’m a remodelaholic too) so it is really fun to join in their week of wall goodness.  I’m sharing some new, easy tips for making your gallery wall look all intentional instead of thrown together, even if you get it done in just an hour or two.  Like this, but yours can be even better.  :)

coral gallery wall pillow

Check it out, here!  And be sure to follow along with all the walls they’re sharing for the whole week.  I’ll be tagging #deckthewalls on Instagram, will you??

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Quick Kitchen Update

 Hi guys!  We’ve been powering through finishing up the kitchen remodel and we are *this* close to getting it all done!  While many of you have seen the updates on Instagram, I thought it would be fun to do a quick share here too.  Here’s where we are after lots of weekend work.

kitchen progress

We started with our blank walls and added in our floating shelves.

threaded rods floating shelves

Next we tiled our backsplash.  Marble, marble everywhere, and I’m cool with that.

tiling progress

And we also finished building a custom cabinet in the corner – more details to come on that.  But for now, can I just say how much I love having our toaster and microwave hidden?!

kitchen cabinets

Fingers crossed we finish up soon.  Probably just a few more hours or work and it’ll be done!  I can’t wait to get playing with those open shelves…

floating shelf

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Refinished Coffee Table

You guys!  Thank you so much for all your internet and instagram love for our finished dining room.  I’m so excited to have one room actually finished!  Now we just have the entire rest of our house to finish…someday.  For now I’ll probably be bouncing between finishing our living room and our kitchen, but the first project is in our living room – our refinished coffee table.

coffee table diy

Our living room has been in a state of flux since we laid our new floors, got a new couch, and got a new turquoise rug.  Yes, turquoise.  Or maybe it could be better described as teal or aquamarine.  Not exactly the color I expected upon ordering (gotta hate bad internet photos) but I am still really happy with it.  I consider it a colorful neutral, if there is such a thing.  The only problem with our colorful-yet-neutral rug is that our coffee table was not jiving with it.  Our original coffee table had a fairly dark weathered gray finish.

spring coffee table

I built the coffee table about a year and a half ago to fit our space.  It is a bigger than an average coffee table – perfect for board games, fondue parties, and every day kicking up your feet.  It has held up so well – the faux metal base does not disappoint.

coffee table side view faux metal

The only problem was that once we added the turquoise rug, it made the coffee table look blue.  Blue!  A blue table on a turquoise rug just ins’t my deal.  So I decided to go for a free update by refinishing our existing coffee table with supplies I had on hand. All I used was an orbital sander with several sanding pads, a mix of stains, and sealer. I used the sander to take off most of the old finish. I kept all the gray in the cracks/crevices and on most of the sides. I just liked how it looked that way.

close up gray washed wood coffee table

I’ll admit, the project stalled there for a while. Finally, I ended up finishing the table by using a mix of a light gray and natural wood stains that I applied with a blue shop towel.  Blue shop towels are clearly the world’s best invention. I tested out several mixes on the table itself, just sanding them off after my tests.  Then after staining, I brushed on several coats of a satin polycrylic finish. While I usually like satin, the result was waaay too shiny. So, I sanded the table yet again, taking off most of the satin finish. Somehow what’s left of the finish looks matte but still wards off errant red wine drips with ease. Perfect.

light couch coffee table

So now we’ve got a lighter coffee table that I think I love even more than the original version.

coffee table top view

So that’s it.  A dusty but worth it update for our living room, which is helping this room get on board with the lighter and brighter situation happening in the whole Pierce household.

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ORC: Dining Room – The Reveal! (Week 6, Spring 2015)

Welcome to my very colorful dining room, anchored with a whole lot of black and a splash of champagne on the side.

semi pulled back dining room

french tulips square white vase

black and white dining room with color

I just love Linda’s One Room Challenge because it actually forces me to finish a space.  I mean seriously, we are living with our still unfinished kitchen, our living room window seat and built-ins half-done, and lots of other major unfinished projects around here.  But in the middle of all that mess (literally) at least we have a very happy dining room.

modern pastel gallery wall west elm lamps

modern chairs traditional table dining room

Our dining room floats between our kitchen and living room, with no walls in between.  That came about over a year ago when we tore down lots of walls.  After that, we laid new hardwood floors and painted the walls a bright white.  And that’s where we stopped.  Then I got all over this One Room Challenge and went to work by making a plan (sort of), building a buffet with leather pulls, hanging a gallery wall, rolling out a kilim rug, and picking chairs and painting my French doors black.  Man I love those black doors.

painted black doors green plant

This week I finished up our seating situation by digging into our basement, grabbing a couple of old benches we had lying around, and painting them black (I had already painted one black then proceeded to splatter it with white ceiling paint, thus requiring another coat of black).  I really like how the benches keep the seating a little simpler for this enormous table – I always thought it looked so busy before with all the old chairs.  Now I really like how the benches kind of fade away so the chairs are interesting but not overwhelming.

black table benches natural wood chairs

pulled back dining room

And I am loving how the black table and benches contrast with the natural wood and white leather chairs.  All of it makes a great base for when I eventually get super bored with my colorful gallery wall and want to switch that up.

safavieh richfield natural teak white leather dining chairs

natural wood leather dining chair

Extra bonus, these chairs are low enough that they don’t distract when looking across our open house, between the kitchen and living room.

low chairs

I finished up the area around our newly painted black French doors (I cannot quit the black paint!) by adding some quirk with a bell brought home as a gift from India and a painting that I am pretending is me reading on a beach on a permanent basis.  A girl can dream.

black french doors copper bell

copper bell

Lady Reading art

I can’t decide if this area looks too boring in contrast to the gallery wall, but I figure I can always add to it later.  In the meantime it is a nice simple look next to our black French doors.

black doors kilim rug plant

In putting the room together we also made the decision to ditch our rug underneath our dining room table.  We are nothing if not rug rebels.  The rug just wasn’t jiving with everything else in the space and I didn’t like it competing with the colorful kilim.  Plus, I totally dig the look of bare floors under a dining table.  The only drawback is that when installing our floors, we purposely put some of our not-so-favorite pieces of wood in the middle of the dining room thinking they would always be covered by a rug.  Apparently our rug rebel status is a newfound thing.

pulled back dining room

When I started this space, I had no official plan or mood board or anything so organized as that.  I just wanted the space to be done and to like it.  Even without a plan, I really like where our dining room ended up.  Maybe I should quit planning more often?  No, of course not, that would ratchet up my spontaneous factor far too much so that I would no longer recognize my list-loving-control-maniac self.  Speaking of lists, here are the sources:

coral turquoise dining room

champagne tray tulips background

bright cheerful dining room

Finally, a sincere thanks to everyone who has been so engaged and supportive throughout this whole challenge and those who have been following along on Instagram, my social media of choice (fine, Pinterest is a close second).  I really have loved watching everyone else’s rooms, both designers and participants, and appreciate more than words can say that you have come to check out my space too.  Let’s keep being friends.  :)

P.S.  You can check out my last year’s One Room Challenge here.  Can’t wait to do it again this fall!  In the meantime, I’m hoping to keep the motivation alive to get the rest of this main floor party ready – summer’s almost here and that means time for all play and no work.

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